Motor, generator, vibrator and pump repairs

The cost of planned routine maintenance generally fades into insignificance when compared with the costs of a breakdown – loss of production, penalty rates, secondary related failures, call-out fees.

Electric Motor Solutions Pty Ltd employs skilled, trained professionals who are familiar with maintenance procedures and take pride in their work. You can be confident in the quality of refurbish work we undertake. Only the highest quality materials are used, and tests carried out prior to and subsequent to the repairs confirm and record product condition as it leaves our workshop.

Rewinds are done to all makes of:

  • Single and multi-speed three phase motors up to 1000 volts
  • Single phase and DC motors
  • Submersible pumps
  • Brake coils and clutches
  • Magnet base equipment
  • Demag tapered stator motors
  • Welder transformers

We overhaul and provide the following services:

  • Winding re-insulation, re-varnish and bake, including dryout of flooded motors
  • Bearing replacements, including journal and housing recovery
  • Shaft replacements and repairs
  • Balancing
  • Fitting of brakes, encoders, thermistors, RTD’s, forced cooling
  • Special paint finishes if/as required
  • Written test reports on request


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