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Electric Motor Solutions Pty Ltd ABN: 70 105 162 347 ECL: 75953

The EMS GROUP (QLD) is your one-stop shop for electric motor sales, rewinds and repairs up to 1000 volt for all makes and models. We specialise in generator, pump, vibrator and welder sales to match your needs. We have established good relationships with all our suppliers and will only sell products we can recommend with confidence.

Specialist on-site and off-site motor testing services can be provided at your request. EMS Testing Services now offers both off-line and on-line capabilities utilizing state-of-the-art Baker equipment, owning one of only four units in Australia to date.

Electric Motor Solutions Pty Ltd is an authorised distributor and warranty agent for WEG – View Brochure

Welding & Electrical Services is an authorised repairer and warranty agent for Lincoln Welders – View Brochure

Commercial Pool Products Qld is the Queensland Distributor and Authorised Repairer for Aquavac commercial pool cleaners and products – View Brochure